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Applied DSP Class

I’ve created new pages for my Applied DSP (Digital Signal Processing) class description and videos. I’ll be teaching the course again this Fall (2022) for Drexel Engineering students and will be posting more frequent updates (both course materials and my reflections on using them for an in-person / hybrid class). Of course, it’s been a…

Ep. 11: Christa Barfield

In this episode, we speak to Christa Barfield, founder of FarmerJawn, about urban agriculture, local sourcing, food deserts, and sustainability.

Ep. 10: Ellen Hwang

In this episode, we speak to Ellen Hwang, Philadelphia Director at the Knight Foundation, about how cities, media, the arts, and philanthropy have all evolved over the past few years in response to the pandemic.

Ep. 9: Rob Cottman

In this episode, we speak to Rob Cottman, Executive Chef and Director of Food & Beverage at World Cafe Live, about how restaurants and food service have adapted to the challenges of the pandemic.

No. 46 • 2021-12-30

This week: Arts-Tech Buzzwords of 2021. Also, two groups of Kings singing, two Halls Decked, a Star Trek Christmas, and more!

Ep. 8: Donald Nally

In this episode, we speak to Donald Nally, music director of The Crossing, Philadelphia’s Grammy-award winning chamber choir, about creating choral performances through the pandemic and the process of “musical journalism”, to capture and reflect our times.

Ep. 7: Sarah Williams

In this episode, we speak to Sarah Williams of Opera Philadelphia about creating and commissioning new work amidst the pandemic and developing what is essentially a new genre of short operatic films.

Ep. 6: Lisa Nelson-Haynes

In this episode, we speak to Lisa Nelson-Haynes about adapting Philadelphia Young Playwright’s creative education program to online learning and the ways young people have found to express themselves in response to the pademic.

No. 45 • 2021-10-28

This week: The Digital Divide Should Scare All of Us. Also, a Halloween special from Jared Halley, Policy Priorities for Digital Inclusion, No Time To Die a cappella, a fantastic Figaro, and more!

Ep. 5: Sean Kelley

In this episode, we speak to museum leader Sean Kelley about the challenges for cultural sites wrought by the pandemic, but also the opportunities for expanding audiences through mission-driven innovation.


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