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No. 39 • 2021-07-23

This week: It’s not easy. Also, “Summer of Math Exposition”, an awesome a cappella cover of “Butter”, latest from VOCES8, MayTree sings 007, and our latest podcast featuring Ellect!

Ep. 2: Steve Tyson, Jr. (Ellect)

In this episode, we speak to hip hop artist, educator, and activist Steve Tyson, Jr. (Ellect) about producing an album, music videos, and working on a dissertation within the constraints of the past year.

No. 38 • 2021-07-09

This week: 3…2…1… Launching Podcast! Also, the greatest virtual choir performances, the new NEA report on Tech as Art, awesome calculus videos, Live From London 2021, Maytree sings Minecraft, and more!

Ep. 1: Natalie Nixon

In our inaugural episode, we speak to Dr. Natalie Nixon, renowned creativity strategist, author, and speaker, about the year that’s been and how creativity is critical for where we go from here.

No. 37 • 2021-06-28

This week: No More Tests. Also, a new NEA report on Tech as Art, math-inspired music, Zoom Love Story, the latest from Stay at Home Choir, and more!

No. 36 • 2021-06-11

This week: New podcast for Summer 2021! Also, Broadway’s Back, In the Heights, The Crossing’s We Got Time, AI Song Contest 2021, and more!

No. 35 • 2021-05-28

This week: #StopAsianHate. Also, #Ham4Progress with Jon M. Chu, Star Wars Theme A Cappella, Daniel Bernard Roumain’s latest work “They Still Want to Kill Us”, ICCA 2021 winners, and more!

No. 34 • 2021-05-07

This week: My Year of Creating at a Distance. Also, the latest massive collaboration from Stay at Home Choir, behind the scenes of RITMO’s self-playing guitar installation, a virtual folk music Bridge Session from World Cafe Life, and the in-person (outdoors) Villanova A Cappella Palooza!

No. 33 • 2021-04-23

This week: The STEAM and the Vaccination Race. Awesome a cappella performances by TONEWALL and Jared Halley. Stuart & Heather sing all the parts of Les Miz’ One Day More. A glorious Gloria by VOCES8, and the Rite of Spring… with rubber chickens.


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