Simple tools to help you create at a distance

Most of my recent code is on the OpenProcessing platform, a fantastic environment for coding web apps in p5.js (a JavaScript library for creative coding, implementing the Processing language for graphics, sound, and interaction).


LyriChord format

This project started from my desire for a text-based format for lyric+chord charts that’s easy to create (and edit) and still machine readable. Kind of a Markdown, for lead sheets.

Tap & shake phone instrument

A 4-chord instrument that you play by tapping or shaking your phone. It’s an HTML5-JavaScript web app, so it should work on most modern smartphones. Used in my TEDxDrexelU interactive performance.

LyriChord lead sheets

An OpenProcessing web app (written in p5.js) that renders lead sheets from LyriChord text files. There’s also a version that outputs PDF files for printing.

LyriChord cue generator

Another OpenProcessing web app that creates visual cues for performances from from LyriChord text files.



An OpenProcessing web app that creates Photomosaics (images composed of many small photographs) from a source photo. Started as a class project for my Drexel ECE-121 course, Introduction to Entertainment Engineering.