No. 1 • 2020-05-06

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Conversations with civic innovators in Philadelphia

Parallax is a podcast dedicated to understanding and growing a culture of civic innovation in Philly. They speak with leaders across various sectors, disciplines, and communities in Philadelphia, taking on some of the city’s most pressing economic, social, and environmental challenges. These conversations seek to increase knowledge exchange & empower residents to become actively involved in a community-driven approach to innovation.

Hosted by the incomparable Liz Brown, they continue to drop new episodes, including topics addressing the COVID-19 crisis. Recent guests:

  • Brian Murray, Principal of SHIFT Capital
  • Marri Porter, Mayor’s Deputy Chief of Staff for Policy & Strategic Initiatives
  • Bruce Katz, Author of The New Localism and The Metropolitan Revolution.

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* Parallax is supported in part by an ExCITe 2019 Seed Award for Civic Engagement.

(Socially) Distant Creations

What I’m creating

Donald Kennedy, eighth President of Stanford, recently passed away from COVID-19. In remembrance of him and his support of Stanford and Fleet Street (the a cappella group I sang with), I created this tribute performance of the Stanford Hymn (with virtual contributions from 60+ former and current members).

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